Why you should clean your makeup and makeup products

Why it’s important to clean your makeup and makeup brushes ..

It is extremely important to clean your makeup and makeup brushes as they are a breeding ground for bacteria ..super gross I know but it’s the truth … If you are a makeup collector it is even more important to clean and sanitize your makeup .. You probably wondering how do you clean makeup it’s not like you can use some shampoo and give it a good scrub … Nope not really but I do recommend you invest in so rubbing alcohol and put it in a spray bottle .. With this you can spot clean your brushes at every use but even more important you should disinfect your actual makeup products but giving them a spray and leave to dry ..image image

Rubbing alcohol is perfectly safe to use on your makeup no matter what kind it is .. You should clean the packaging with a baby wipe …

This not only insures that your makeup is clean and not going to give you skin problems but it prolongs the life of your makeup ..

You should also make sure you not storing your makeup in the bathroom at all or in the open your makeup should be in a room where there is no running hot water or steam I recommend you keep it on your bedroom in a draw so it is not out in the open or in the sun …

You should be doing this as often as you can but most defiantly at least once a month or every two weeks if possible ….
It can be quite fast to do if you put most to all your makeup out on a clean old towel and you’d spray then clean each individual product around the rim and the packing … I usually lay out my makeup in sections and spray it all and soak my makeup storage boxes in a boiling hot tub of water for as long as possible then disinfect thy at the end before I store it all away … I personally am a makeup collector and most of it is mac so it is expensive I do have a huge love and passion for my makeup so I do love looking after it and cleaning it I find it very relaxing and I want to take the best care of my makeup …

Thank you all so much for taking the time to read this and I hope you all think about doing it as it makes the world of a difference …

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Mac studio fix fluid spf 15 foundation 

Today’s post brings you Mac studio fix fluid spf 15 foundation ..There is a lot of talk with Mac studio fix fluid spf 15 foundation and people either hate it or love it and it truly is up to you to decide ..as for me I love love love it . It really is a full coverage foundation and for those days where you just want a good full coverage look it is perfect .. It works great on my skin most of the time .(see my skin post if you want to know what kind of skin I have and what I like in a foundation ) this was the first foundation from Mac that I ever purchased and used and this is the one that got me hooked on the brand completely .. I found that it completely transformed my skin in such an incredible way and gave me a flawless look .. This foundation is great for the summer months as it keeps all my oil at bay I don’t need to blot or touch up at all throughout the day and it makes my day a whole lot easier knowing I don’t have to worry when I need to touch up my skin .. 
This is a foundation I always need in my collection and I always repurchase it without a hesitation .. So now that you know my personal thoughts lets get into detail with the review and what Mac claims and the best way to apply it .. 
Now we all need to keep in mind as individuals we all have completely different skin and different needs within a foundation so I have tried to take my personal view out in this next part but I have added what I have thought with the claims and I have spoken to many people on their thoughts so this is a review that I have put together keeping in mind what lots of people think and feel .. 
So the product comes on a large share range there is a total of 40 shades so that is a large range they have both warm and cool shades so you are bound to find your perfect match …
The foundation is easy to blend out and leaves a perfect finish on the skin it has a really nice matte finish and doesn’t require a setting powder unless you find it necessary and you prefer it .

This foundation is best applied with a beauty blender type of sponge or a Mac 190 . As for the foundation bottle the only issue I have is it does not have a pump although you can purchase a pump separately but then you have to cough up some more cash so I typically just stick to no pump and it works just fine . 
The foundation lasts a couple of months it depends how often you use it I don’t use mine on a daily basis but around 2 to 3 times a week and one bottle can last me 10 months to a year at a push … You really only need the smallest amount per application so a little really goes a long way .. 
As for the Mac claims STUDIO FIX FLUID SPF 15

A modern foundation that combines a natural matte finish and medium, buildable coverage with broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 15 protection. Applies, builds and blends easily and evenly. Comfortable and long-wearing, helps minimize the appearance of pores and imperfections, giving skin a smoother, more flawless look and finish.
I do believe it lives up to all its claims and Mac hit the nail on the head ..

I highly recommend you give this foundation a try and see what you think for yourself 

Thank you so much for taking your time to read this review please let me know what you think about them xxxxx

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my skin and what it’s like 

So today’s review is not going to be a review but I wanted to explain what my skin is like and what I look for in a foundation so that you all have a clear understanding on what a foundation is like for me so that reviews are easier understood ..
So as for my skin we can begin by saying it is beyond complicated and has a mind of its own ..my skin enjoys testing me and every morning I wake up is is different I so have really bad acne and acne scaring and on top off that I have eczema and it can get very bad at times ..I do have a texture to my skin and it is very oily but dehydrated at the same time ..
With that all being said and me having lots of dark pigmentation due to scaring I still love a light coverage foundation for everyday use ..

I do love a full coverage foundation when I’m going to a special event or will have a lot of pictures taken ..
What I look for in a foundation? 

I love when a foundation is easy to apply and blend out and does not break me out in eczema .. The only brand of makeup I have found that does not effect my eczema is Mac so therefore it is the only brand I use xxx
Thank you so much for taking time to read this 

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Mac face and body foundation

Mac face and body foundation !!!image image image image

Can I just start with this is the most incredible foundation I have ever used ..

Let me just give you some information on what kind of skin I have .. Let’s just say it’s complicated and like to have some fun ..some days it may be dry or oily … I have a ton of acne and acne scaring my scaring is really dark and blue … I have eczema and very dehydrated skin .. With all that been said I have a hard time with foundations because one day it will be amazing and the next it will look horrible and when I say horrible it is horrible .. I do own all the mac foundations because of my skin and that is very expensive ..

About two years ago I came across this incredible foundation ..what foundation you ask ? Well only the best out there in my opinion .THE MAC FACE AND BODY FOUNDATION .
This foundation has been a life saver for me no matter what my skin feels like doing when I wake up in the morning I am able to have a perfect makeup look and extremely beautiful coverage and complexion ..

So let’s get onto the product ..

There are two size bottles available to purchase if you want to give it a good try I recommend a tester and see what you think about it if you fall in love like I am sure you will ..there is an option of a 50 ml bottle or 120ml bottle ..they are easy to store as they do not leak at all they don’t make a mess ..

The face and body foundation is a water based foundation that’s is very sheer but very build able when I say build able you can really build it up without looking Like a cake face no matter how many layers you apply you are guaranteed to have a amazing coverage without looking like you are wearing a ton of makeup ..

Due to it being a water based foundation it is water resistant and does not transfer .. I personally have worn this when swimming and when I got out the pool I still looked amazing with a lovely foundation that was still on point ..

There is a large range of shades available and for all skin tones ..

This foundation gives amazing coverage and doesn’t feel heavy at all on the skin .. With every foundation there comes the pros and cons that’s just the way it is ..keep in mind everyone has different skin and preferences to consider ..

The pros :
Incredible finish
Long wearing good 8-10 hours
Perfect for all skin types
Water resistant
Easy to use
Does not transfer
Looks incredible in pictures
Perfect for every day use
Good shade range
comes in two different sized bottles
Easily build able
Great for covering pigmentation

Cons :
does require a good primer for those with very oily skin and a good finishing powder that will control excessively oily skin ..

The foundation is best applied with your hands and your body heats the foundation and thickens the foundation giving you a better coverage with less product .
If you don’t like applying foundation with your hands I recommend a good duo fiber foundation brush like the Mac 130 ..
DO NOT USE A BEAUTY BLENDER as it will soak up all the foundation and leave none for your face …

primers I recommend : Mac matte cream ,Mac oil control lotion ,Mac skin refined zone , Mac prep and prime natural radiance .

Powders I recommend: Mac studio fix  powder ,Mac mineralized powder ,Mac loose translucent powder , Mac blot powder .

i would most defiantly re purchase this product as I have already gotten my 4th bottle 120ml that is

thanks you for reading let me know what you want to see next


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Mac Pro long wear foundation

Mac studio fix foundation

Mac mineralized foundation

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